Robotics Process Automation
  • Deliver direct profitability
  • Improving accuracy and predictability
  • Easy to train and integrate seamlessly
  • Interpret, Trigger response and communicate with systems Improve operational and business predictability
Business Process Automation
  • Automate and simplify services, activities to accomplish a specific workflow or function
  • Organisational transformation to efficiency
  • Achieve greater efficiency
  • Manage changes easily and rapidly
Strategic Partnership with K2

Business processes within an organization is exactly similar to the nervous system within a living body. A proper functioning of the both is very essential to the existence of its carrier. The productivity of a business process or a nerve will became exponential when it is provided with a perfect boost. K2 is renowned for its feature rich, user friendly, low-code solution platform in the enterprise market for business process management. K2 platform helps organizations to automate the build, change and maintain business processes of applications without writing endless lines of code there by reducing almost 78% of actual development time and boosting the productivity with a reduced cost. CCTS is strategically partnered with K2 to provide end to end technology solutions on top of the K2 Platform, backed by a pool of technocrats with rich expertise in diverse Industries and process automation experience.Our solutions, based on our knowledge of managing end-to-end business information and industry expertise provide enhanced process performance in specific and overall business areas and ensure effective management of information across the business helps to improve the overall deliverability.